Video Sermons

Passover 2023: Redemption from Ignorance
Terumah 2023: The Medium and the Message
Vaera 2023: Do We Want to Fear God?
Vayigash 2023: Ascending into the New Year

Guided Meditations

Breath as a Bridge to Soul
Connecting Above and Below Through Breath
Breathing Out Our Own Amalek
Breathing Divine Language
Breathing Ourselves, Our World, and Each Other
Breath as Self Actualization
Breath as Divine Medium
Our Bodies As Our Axis
Awakening to Elul
Breath is a Gift, the Gift is Love
Beginning Your Day With First Principles
Breath as Praise
Freedom through Breath
Connection through the Cycle of Breath
Finding Our Own Prayer in the Amida
Reflection for 2022
Jacob's Ladder
The Question of Praise
The Miracle of Surprise
Feeling Time Through the Amida
Sukkot: The Season of Our Joy
The King is in the Field: Elul Meditation
Start with Gratitude
The Miracle of the Binary Illusion
The Images of the Amida
The Morning Blessing of Discernment
The Prayer of Breath and Foundation of Self
Healing into Spring
Shacharit: Uniting Creation in Love
Morning Blessings - The Mystery of Breath
Light and Breath
Gratitude For Our Bodies
Shacharit 1.25.21
Morning Blessing Gratitude 1/11/21
Amida Meditation
Abundance Meditation
Morning Blessings Meditation